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Scappoose, OR 97056

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Cornice Construction Services

Cornice offers a comprehensive list of construction and design assistance that facilitates your project with professionalism, responsibility, diligence and skilled craftsmanship. At Cornice Construction, we put the client’s needs above all else so that we may deliver an end result aligned with budget and timeline, while keeping clients informed through each stage of the process with the goal of surpassing expectations.

General Contractors / Construction Managers

  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Establishments
  • Restaurant Construction
  • Metal Buildings
  • Self Storage
  • Multi-Family
  • Custom Homes

Design-Build Construction

Design Build is the integration of design and construction under one contract, providing clients with value and expert collaborative support in this streamlined process that implements your project from inception to completion.


The benefits of Design Build Construction include:

  • Time saved coordinating separate contracts
  • Established working relationship with trusted, talented architects
  • Joint motivation to produce unified results based on client directives
  • Achieve on-the-spot, simultaneous objectives
  • Complete project management, encouraging quality assurance
  • Value that comes from a streamlined process motivated towards accurate and timely completion

Feasibility Studies

Most projects begin with an idea or business plan.  One of the most difficult phases of a project from an owners perspective is nurturing  this idea into reality while having it make financial sense.  We understand that a new building or facility is a huge financial undertaking and we use our experience to help guide our owners through this process to make quick and educated decisions.


Developing project goals and timelines at an early stage along with realistic budgets that match these parameters is key to a projects success.  Cornice Construction will help guide you through this process.